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Why Can't I Send Outlook Emails In Windows 10?
Why-Cant I-Send-Outlook-Emails-In-Windows-10.jpg
Outlook is a renowned email service provider, but it does not guarantee that you will never ever face any issue with its operations.

So, if you are unable to send emails from Outlook, there is nothing to get surprised about. Also, Here you will be provided solutions to tackle this issue. So, it is advised to go through them and get the issue resolved.

Solution 1: Modify The Name Of The File

Sometimes when you try to attach such files in the email which are already in the block list of Outlook, you get failed. To overcome this, you may rename the file and try later whether you are able to send the email or not.

Solution 2: Compress The File Size

If the size of the attachment is exceeding the minimum limit, you will be facing the Outlook not sending emails issue. To cope with this, simply compress the file by right-clicking on the file and choosing the compress option. Hence, this way the size of the file will get reduced, and you will not face any issue while sending the email.

Solution 3: Disable Antivirus

Outlook is not sending emails in Windows 10? Try disabling the real-time protection of the security program, i.e., antivirus. It is because sometimes an antivirus interferes with the functioning of the software and does not let the user work on it. So, you may give this solution a try.

Solution 4: Reset Mailbox Settings

It might be possible that the mailbox settings have gone corrupt. So, there is a need to reset them. For this, simply go to “Account Settings” and select the email account (which is at fault). Afterward, click on the “Change” button, and later you will get to see “Mail Settings” and “Reset Mail Settings”. Thus, you will be able to reset the mailbox settings.
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